Who Needs A Will?


The simple answer is... Everyone.


  • If you have children


  • If you own property


  • If you own any assets


  • If you have valuable collector’s items or jewellery


  • If you own a business


  • If you have something that you feel is important to you or your family


  • If you desire any specific Funeral arrangements


...and the list goes on!


Without a Will your intended Beneficeries are at risk of losing large amounts of any of your hard-earned Inheritance through a variety of Taxes, Ownership Disputes or a lack of documentation.


Its never too early to make a Last Will and Testament, but it can be too late!


With M T Wills low cost ammendments and unique customer account referencing there is no need to worry if things change in the future, your Last Will and Testament can be changed as often as your personal circumstance does.


This means that you can protect everything that is valuable to you and your family from TODAY.