Points to Consider


Executor - Who will you name as Executor? An Executor is a person or institution appointed by a testator (you) to carry out the terms of their will. You will need to consider a secondary Executor in the event that your first choice is not available.


Beneficiaries - Who will be Benefactors in your Last Will and Testament? Each Benefactor should be name specifically and as detailed as possible, name, address etc...


Bequests - A bequest is where you wish to leave a specific item to an individual. For example "To my brother Kevin, I bequeath my collection of Football Programmes"


Assets - Consider your assets, things such as your car or television and who you wish to leave these to.


Funeral Arrangements - Your funeral arrangements should be detailed in your Last Will and Testament. Your Executor will make the necessary arrangements.


Witnesses - You will require two witnesses, these should not be any Beneficiaries of your Last Will and Testament.


Legal Implications - Do you understand Inheritance Tax, Capital Gains Tax or any other legal issues?