What Are My Options?


If you intend to leave everything to one sibling/beneficery and know the legalities of a Last Will and Testament, Inheritance tax, Capital Gains Tax and Witness Requirements for example, safe in the knowledge that no-one will contest your Will then there are D.I.Y Wills availabe that can be purchased for between £20.00 - £50.00.


If you have  a variety of Beneficeries each sharing vast quantiteis of cash and assets, property at home and abroad, shares in a business and so on, the best option is to have a Solicitor draft your Last Will and Testament. This will normally cost between £200.00 - £1000.00.


For everything else, there's M T Wills.


For little more than the cost of a D.I.Y Will, you can receive friendly comprehensive advice about any concerning issues and peace of mind that your families Inheritance will be safe and distributed as you intend it to be.


We ensure that you understand any technical terms and that you are happy and confident with the service that we provide.


We remove the uncertanties that can come with D.I.Y Wills and are considerably more convenient, friendly and cost-effective than using a Solicitor, with our prices ranging from £75.00 to £110.00. A small price to pay for the quality service we provide and to safegaurd your families future.